Address: Primăria Comunei Salacea - Comuna Salacea, nr.47, judeţul Bihor
Postal code : 417445
Tel/fax: (+40)259-463014
Consulting hours : Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 16:00

The structure of the local council:

Horváth Béla -mayor
Vida Attila-József - vice-mayor
Secretary - Tatai Menyhert-Tibor
Financial desk - Sándor Jozsef-Endre
Chief accountant - Avram Lucia
Social desk - Vas Katalin
Social desk - Racz Andrea
Public procurement - Somogyi Erzsébet
Mayor's councilor - Hanesz Monika-Maria
Barabás Barna
Szűcs György Áron

Auxiliary staff:

Kovács Károly - guard
Kurilla Alexandru – machine-operator
Lőrincz Gavril – coachman
Majer Cornelia - cleaning lady

Members of the local council:

Bándi Zoltán
Balaskó Imre
Borsi Emeric
Erdei Imre-István
Kiss Edit
Kriszte Tamás-Emanoil
Lukács Barna
Nagy Sándor
Pázmán Attila
Porsztner Sarolta-Melinda
Sajó Imre
Szakács Ödön-József
Vida Attila-József

Consulting hours
Mayor Luni   9.00-12.00 Miercuri 9.00-12.00
Vice mayor Marţi    9.00-12.00 Joi  9.00-12.00
Secretary Joi  12.00-15.00 Vineri   9.00-12.00

Pet’s clinic:

Tel. 0259463032

  • Dr. Simon Szabó Malvin (family doctor):
    doctor's office : Sălacea 319
    Consulting hours:
    • Monday-Thursday-Wednesday: 8:00-15:00
    Tel. 0757026944
  • Dr. Szabó Erzsébet-Lidia (family doctor):
    doctor's office : Sălacea 319
    Consulting hours:
    • Thursday-Friday: 8:00-15:00
    Tel. 0259463032
  • Dr. Pető Enikő (family doctor):
    doctor's office: Sălacea 319, Otomani 273
    Consulting hours:
    • Sălacea: Monday, Friday 13.00-18.00, Thursday, Wednesday, Thursday 8.00-13.00
    • Otomani: Thursday, Thursday 13.00-18.00

Centrul de permanenţă medicală:

Tel. 0766486957

  • Monday: Dr. Simon Szabó Malvin
  • Thursday: Dr. Prém István
  • Wednesday: Dr. Szabó Erzsébet Lidia
  • Thursday: Dr. Sántha Ágnes
  • Friday: Dr. Mărcuţ Laura
  • Saturday: Dr. Siuciu Iosif Ştefan
  • Sunday: Dr. Sántha Levente

Cultural institutions:

The commune has two cultural centers, one Salacea and the other in Otomani. There is a communal library in Salacea.

Economical life:

Economical branches in our commune: agriculture, light industry, commerce. The commune’s total surface is 6439 hectares. From this 4340 hectares is ploughland, 598 hectares is harvest land, 662 hectares is pasture, 162 hectares are covered with vineyards and orchards, the rest are roads, waters, inhabited lands and unsettled lands.

Economical units

The biggest economical unit is pig breeding farm (SC NUTRIPIG SA), after that follows the shoe factory (SC VALENTI SRL) and also the SC BOCSKAI BIHOR AGRO SRL which occupies more then 1200 hectares. Besides these there are about 30 business that carries on their activity on the communes territory (8 shops, 6 pubs, 2 bakeries, 1 wheat mill, 1 sawmill, one motor mechanical shop, 1 joinery, etc.)

The educational network:

In Salacea there is the Balasko Nandor primary and secondary school and a kindergarten; in Otomani there is the Szabo Laszlo primary school from Saniob and also a kindergarten.

Future plans:

Concerning the investment projects, at the moment they are still working on the development of the water supply system. Hopefully soon it will be built a new kindergarten in Salacea and it will be built a garret on the school. Further plans: the modernization of the communal roads, the rebuilt of the roads leading to the neighbor villages fact that will lead to the connection of the 2 neighbor counties Bihor and Satu-Mare, assuring by this the possibility to get to Salacea from many more different directions. Among the future plans there is also the construction of a new sport hall.

Local curiosities, manifestations:

For those visiting our commune, it's worth visiting the local wine cellars, the castle of Otomani and the Dendrological Park that belongs to it and it's also worth fishing in the fishpond

The manifestations entitled “The days of Salacea” is organized for over 12 years. At the beginning it was held of the 1st  Sunday of August but in the last years it was held on the last Sunday of August.

The manifestation entitled “The days of Otomani” is held on the closest weekend to 20th of August. The villages of the commune regularly organize “The Ball of Vintage” at the end of each vintage and also a dancing party in order to celebrate the end of winter.
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