The project «Sălacea și Rákóczifalva împreună mai puternice în Europa » was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens"

Applicable to the Strand 2 – Measure 2.1 "Town-Twinning”

Participants: The project included 360 citizens, 180 participants from Sălacea (Romania), and 180 international participants from Rákóczifalva (Hungary).

Location/ Dates: The event took place in Sălacea, Romania, between 02.08.2019 - 04.08.2019

Project theme: Understanding of the European Union, its current crises, while developing solidarity and cooperation between the communities of Salacea and Rakoczifalva by bringing culture closer to its citizens in the spirit of Europe's cultural heritage.


Project objectives:

  • Sharing the cultural values ​​and heritage of the two towns in order to strengthen the relations between residents for creating a common European space
  • Raising the awareness of participants on current European topics, such as Euroscepticism, the situation of immigrants and solidarity.
  • Building viable relationships between the members of the institutions in the two tpwns for future joint projects

Activities and methods used:
The project aimed to provide a versatile approach to achieve the objectives through activities such as: cultural programs to bring together the culture and citizens of the two towns (traditional dances, songs, culinary activities, exhibitions, demonstrations of the scouts), presentations to raise awareness of current European issues (EU history, Euroscepticism, destigmatising immigrants, Solidarity through volunteering), round table discussions for representatives to cooperate and exchange best practices for future joint projects (institutional representatives, economic agents and producers) , sports activities for strengthening the relationships between the young participants.

To achieve the objectives of the project, we used methods such as: presentations, round table discussions, brainstorming, interactive and informal methods.

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